1) What is laser engraving?
Laser engraving uses a powerful computer controlled beam of light to cut or engrave various materials, creating text or images.

2) What materials can be laser engraved?
    Acrylic, Marble, Clear Glass, Plastic, Wood (Oak, Maple, Walnut, Cherry), Leather, even paper and some types of cloth!

3) What do I have to supply to make a laser engraved plaque?
    If you want to laser engrave logos or other designs into the product, then you need to send us "camera ready artwork", or send it through the e-mail (call first for format options). There is no charge for sizing of your artwork to fit the area of your product. In some instances we can copy your logo from a letter head or business card or other printed material. Text will be prepared by us, you only have to tell us what you want to say. (No charge for typesetting)

4) What is the charge to scan a photograph for laser engraving?
    A one time charge of $25.00 (U.S.) is charged for scanning, and processing the photograph for laser engraving. The photo is not damaged or changed and will be returned with the finished product.

5) If I have a Unique project, will Awards & More help me?
    The answer is YES! We have a complete in-plant art, design, and laser engraving facility. Feel free to contact us for special needs or requests.

6) Can you laser engrave large pieces?
    Yes, Awards & More can laser engrave large pieces, up to 4 feet wide, by 10 feet long and 17 inches high. For example a full size door from a house could be laser engraved with a monogram or family crest. Call or e-mail for details and pricing.

7) Why is laser engraving my best choice?
    Flawless accuracy and precision, complete art, design, and laser departments, individualized customer service, fast turnaround (7-10 days is typical), and factory direct shipping (no middle man).

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